State Releases Alternative Fuel Vehicle User Fee Options Report

The arrival of electric vehicles on Vermont roads presents policy makers with conflicting goals. Where the State’s 2011 Comprehensive Energy Plan goals encourage increased usage of electric vehicles in Vermont, there is also a missing revenue source to replace the declining gas tax base for funding transportation infrastructure. Three possible funding options were explored in this report, including:

* Flat annual registration fee on electric and natural gas (NGV) vehicles
* Volumetric taxes on natural gas and electricity
* Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) usage fee

You may view the report posted here:
Alternative Fuel Vehicle User Fee Options. A report in response to Act 153: Section 39 ~ Nov 2012

The scope of this study was determined by Act 153 Section 39 as described below:

Act 153 (2012 Transportation Program) Section 39: ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLES; USER PAY
Sec. 39 The secretary of transportation or designee, in consultation with the joint fiscal office and the commissioner of motor vehicles, commissioner of taxes, and commissioner of public service or their designees, shall analyze options for user fees and fee collection mechanisms for motor vehicles that use energy sources not currently taxed so as to contribute to the transportation fund. The secretary shall submit a report of his or her findings, and of options for user fees and fee collection mechanisms, to the joint transportation oversight committee and the joint fiscal committee prior to the joint fiscal committee’s November 2012 meeting.

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