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Release: September 25th, 2019

Angie R. Allen, Department of Environmental Conservation
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MONTPELIER – The 2019 Draft Otter Creek Tactical Basin Plan will be available for public comment October 7 through November 8, 2019. The plan covers portions of Bennington, Rutland, and Addison counties and all surface waters within the Otter Creek, Little Otter Creek, and Lewis Creek watersheds. The plan provides an assessment of the health of the basin and identifies 55 water quality strategies across the following sectors: agriculture, developed lands—stormwater and roads, wastewater treatment facilities, and restoration of forest lands, lakes, rivers, and wetlands. The plan also includes information about how landowners, watershed organizations, and communities can access funding and technical assistance to help protect and restore water resources.

Three public comment meetings will be held in October to gather feedback on the plan presented by the VT Department of Environmental Conservation in partnership with the Addison County Regional Planning Commission (RPC), the Rutland RPC, the Otter Creek Natural Resource Conservation District (NRCD), and the Rutland NRCD.

Barbara Noyes-Pulling, Senior Planner at Rutland RPC says, “The clean-up of Lake Champlain has given added importance to tactical basin plans. Rising to the challenge, the Department of Environmental Conservation made sure this plan not only includes the best available data, but that it also gives Otter Creek municipalities specific actions that they can take to reduce pollutants going into the lake. This new plan also is a colorful and graphic-filled document – to help all of us better understand the problems and solutions. There are no easy fixes, but this is a great roadmap for the next five years.”

The public is encouraged to attend the meetings, hear a presentation, and offer comments and suggestions. Meetings will take place in the evening in the following locations:


  • October 9th — Addison County Regional Planning Commission, 14 Seminary St, Middlebury, VT, 05753, 7-8pm;
  • October 15th — Rutland Regional Planning Commission, The Opera House, 67 Merchants Row, Rutland, VT, 05702, 7-8pm;
  • October 22nd — Brandon Town Hall, 1 Conant Square, Brandon, VT, 05733, 5:30-7pm.

If you are unable to attend a meeting, an interactive Story Map providing a summary of the plan will be available on-line at the Basin 3 tactical basin planning website (link below).

Copies of the draft plan may be obtained on October 7th, 2019, on-line: or by requesting a copy from Angie Allen by email: or phone: (802) 490-9081.

Comments should be directed by email: or by mail to Angie Allen, Basin 3 Comments, 430 Asa Bloomer State Office Bldg., 88 Merchants Row, Rutland, VT, 05701-5903. Comments should be postmarked or submitted via email by 4:30pm on November 8, 2019. Comments received by this date will be addressed in a responsiveness summary.

Water Quality Improvement Program

December 12, 2018

CONTACT: Kevin Behm, Assistant Director/GIS Manager
Office: (802) 388-3141

Re: Water Quality Improvement Program

The Addison County Regional Planning Commission (“ACRPC”) is pleased to announce that the Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation, Water Quality Division has recently awarded a contract to Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission (“TRORC”) to administer water quality improvement programs to Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) throughout the entire State of Vermont.  The grant is funded through the 604B program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and is intended to pass money to local and regional entities to pursue water quality planning and improvements.

For this year, eligible projects will focus on water quality planning within three tasks:

  1. In consultation with ANR’s Basin Planners, identify a river corridor, stormwater master plan or other assessment and incorporate the priority projects within those plans into the Watershed Projects Database;
  2. Conduct outreach and participate in a municipal forum to obtain municipal consideration to reclassify important surface waters or wetlands to programs where they will receive higher levels of protection;
  3. Support water quality monitoring activities and educational outreach to municipalities regarding the data and how it will be used to inform the tactical basin plan and improve overall water quality.

In Addison County, ACRPC shall use its funds to support the water quality monitoring and outreach work of the Addison County River Watch Collaborative (“ACRWC”) (Task 3).  ACRWC consists of a dedicated group of volunteers that sample and monitor the “health” of each river within Addison County.  ACRWC takes water samples from each river within the Region at specific locations and times. ACRWC sends the samples to the La Rosa Laboratory at the State of Vermont where the lab measures the samples for parameters such as E. coli bacteria, to determine whether the water is safe for swimmers, or phosphorus, to determine how much the water will contribute to the phosphorus load in Lake Champlain, which contributes to algal growth in the Lake. ACRWC publishes its results for municipal officials, citizens and scientists to use. ACRPC will actively provide technical assistance in mapping and presenting the data collected. It will create outreach materials, analytical reports and maps for presentation to municipal officials to help them understand what the data means for water quality within their town. ACRPC will assist the ACRWC Managing Director with actively promoting and maintaining the ACRWC website ( Current water quality sampling results will be depicted and explained in a watershed-wide context and in a local context for use by landowners.


For further information, please call or e-mail Kevin Behm at (802) 388-3141 or

Municipal Tactical Basin Planning Services

March 28 , 2018

CONTACT: Kevin Behm, Assistant Director/GIS Manager
Office: (802) 388-3141

Municipal Tactical Basin Planning Services

Middlebury, VTAddison County Regional Planning Commission (ACRPC) has initiated an enhanced outreach effort focused on improving water quality in the Otter Creek and its tributaries under the Vermont Clean Water Act (VCWA) which was enacted by the legislature in 2015.

ACRPC will be working with municipal staff and boards to provide information about the requirements for municipalities triggered by the VCWA and assist with land use policy options such as stronger municipal protections against flood hazards and river corridor erosion, stormwater master planning, and other town plan or zoning changes to improve water quality. ACRPC staff will assist municipalities with compiling existing information to use in developing implementation plans under the municipal roads general permit. In addition to facilitating municipal input, the ACRPC will assist in identifying areas of high sediment and nutrient run-off.

As part of DEC’s Tactical Basin Planning program, ACRPC will work closely with DEC staff and the Otter Creek Basin Planner to support municipal participation in the implementation of the Otter Creek Basin Plan and in tracking completed projects.

ACRPC prepares the Regional Plan and provides planning and technical assistance in the areas of community planning, transportation, natural resources, housing, economic development, and emergency management to 21 municipalities in Addison County (excluding Hancock and Granville) and the general public. Collaboration between the ACRPC, municipalities and state agencies results in the formation and implementation of community plans that support sustainable development with the intent of promoting the health, safety and general welfare of the region’s citizens.
For more information about the ACRPC, please visit

For more information, please contact Kevin Behm, Assistant Director/GIS Manager: or (802) 388-3141.

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