The Environment

This section of the Bristol Town Plan consists of two chapters:

  • Natural Resources and Forest Blocks
  • Flood Resilience and Hazards

Natural resources are an integral part of Bristol, offering many benefits that enhance the quality of life in the community. The diversity and abundance of natural resources has historically supported the quality of life that is so important to residents and helps to distinguish Bristol as an inviting and healthy community. Excellent agricultural soils and fertile farmland, bodies of surface water, established ground water sources, varied soils, wildlife, and tracts of contiguous, forest blocks and undeveloped land make up some of the community’s natural resources.

Natural Resources Goals:

  • Goal 1: Conserve the natural features and resources that provide a significant benefit to the general public and protect rare, threatened, and endangered species, significant natural communities, and existing wilderness areas.
  • Goal 2: Maintain healthy, contiguous forest blocks for public recreation, sustainable forestry production, and the movement of wildlife.
  • Goal 3. Support agriculture capable of producing a variety of food, pasture, and livestock, while providing open landscapes and wildlife connectivity.
  • Goal 4. Protect water quality, both in surface water and groundwater.
  • Goal 5. Increase education and community awareness of the value of Bristol’s natural resources and diverse native ecosystems.
    Goal 6. Strive to respect and honor private property rights, recognizing that many of our natural resources are located on private property

Flood Resilience Goals:

  • Goal 1: Bristol will protect identified and designated areas to reduce the risk of flood damage to infrastructure and improved property.
  • Goal 2. Bristol will mitigate risks to public safety, critical infrastructure, structures, and municipal investments.
  • Goal 3. Bristol will provide resources for residents and businesses to understand and mitigate flood risk.

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