RFP Questions

2014 – Old Center Turnpike (Old Town Road) Right-of-Way Preservation Study

Last Update: 9 Jun 2014

  • Q: Does the cost proposal need to be in a separate envelope?

    A: No.

  • Q: Is there additional funding available for this effort if our proposed scope of work exceeds the budget amount?

    A: Please take note of the underlined statement on page 3: “ACRPC invites potential consultants to bid on tasks that they feel are affordable within the scope of work.” The consultant may show additional items as optional services as well as show a savings if the project were supplemented.

  • Q: Are there any other questions that have been asked?

    A: None to date. An addendum will be added to the RFP document and on ACRPC’s Questions Page with any additional questions and answers.

  • Q: A prime consultant in our proposal is an attorney that may also conduct lobbying. Does this raise an issue of conflict of interest (See Page 5., Section VII., Item H. of ACRPC’s proposal)? What do we need to do to demonstrate no conflict?

    A: Federal regulation generally prohibits the use of federal funds for lobbying. A statement by the consultant that none of the project funds shall be used for lobbying will satisfy the RFP.

  • Statement: (Friendly feedback on the RFP selection) Weighting points on the cost proposal (20) as a criteria of selection may be in conflict with the intent of the Brooks Act.

    A: We will look into this and make any appropriate changes for next year’s round of grants.

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