Meeting Cancellation Policy

ACRPC Policy regarding meeting cancellations due to bad winter weather

ACRPC will automatically cancel scheduled meetings when the following conditions are met:

  • The National Weather Service has issued a weather warning that is in effect for any of the period beginning one hour prior to the scheduled start of the meeting and extended to one hour past the scheduled end of the meeting.
  • The weather warning must be in place at noon for an evening meeting and at 7am for a daytime meeting.
  • The weather warning has been issued either for Addison County or specifically for any of the Addison Regions’ communities.

This policy applies to all National Weather Service weather warning with the exception of a freeze warning. Weather watches, advisories or warning issued for eastern Addison County comprising of only Hancock and Granville will not trigger cancellation. If a weather warning for ACRPC’s communities have not issued for the time period covered by the warning, meetings will be held as scheduled. Those attending should always use their own discretion to determine whether they should travel.

To determine whether ACRPC has cancelled a meeting, attendees should check with the National Weather Service at or (802) 862‐8711 or 658‐0150.

Additionally, ACRPC staff shall send out e‐mails cancelling a meeting to all potential attendees whose contact info is in its database, shall post meeting cancellations on its website, and shall put a message noting the cancellation on its outgoing office telephone (802) 388‐3141.

Watch – Hazardous weather conditions are possible generally within 36 hours. These watches are issued by the Weather Service Forecast Office.

Weather Advisory – Hazardous weather conditions are occurring, imminent, or likely. Conditions will cause a significant inconvenience and if caution is not exercised, may result in a potential threat to life and/or property.

The generic term, winter weather advisory, is used for a combination of two or more of the following events; snow, freezing rain or freezing drizzle, sleet, and blowing snow.

Warning – Hazardous weather conditions that pose a threat to life and/or property are occurring, imminent, or highly likely.

The generic term, winter storm warning, is used for a combination of two or more of the following winter weather events; heavy snow, freezing rain, sleet, and strong winds.

Click here for a pdf version of the policy.

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