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*NEW in 2016* Addison County Walk-Bike Council


Following the deaths of four cyclists in Addison, Chittenden and Rutland County in 2015, Local Motion was approached by concerned citizens in Addison County on how local efforts could bring positive change for those wanting to safely walk and cycle in Vermont. A series of public meetings were held at ACRPC, facilitated by  Local Motion. An ad-hoc walk/bike committee formed to continue the conversations of the public meetings and to better understand ways to facilitate change in Addison County. It was concluded that a citizen led advisory group, with representatives from across the County, would be a highly beneficial voice within local, regional and state-level transportation decision making.

In the Summer of 2016, through a partnership between ACRPC and Local Motion, a citizen-led advisory council was formed  to mobilize citizen interest and ideas and channel them into local, regional and state projects.  The Council includes residents and representatives from supporting organizations from across the county who wish to support safe walking and biking in their community.

The Council is in it’s very early days, but should be up and running by Fall 2016.  ACRPC will continue as fiscal agent for the council and will act as staff liaison between the council, towns and the regional Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) when necessary.

If you want to keep up on Council activity please sign up for the middbikeped listerve.

If you have further questions please contact:

Claire Tebbs, ACRPC Staff Planner 802-388-3141


Addison Regional Plans

ACRPC’s Regional Plans have historically recognized bicycling is “economically and environmentally fitting” and walking as “an essential component of the vitality of the Region’s population centers”. The Transportation Plan has had goals to promote non-motorized modes of transportation and the development of an “integrated, diversified and efficient transportation system”, which accommodates bicycle and pedestrian travel.

The Transportation Plan indicates that bicycle and pedestrian transportation should be enhanced in several ways, including:

  • Creating safe and easy ways for people to cycle or walk to their destinations;
  • Creating incentives for people to cycle and walk, specifically for short trips;
  • Recognizing and promoting bicycle and pedestrian travel as an integral part of the intermodal transportation system; and
  • Promoting shared use of rights of way by motorized vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

The Addison County Regional Transportation Plan seeks to “address the deficiencies, opportunities and projects identified by the 2002 Addison County Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan“, which presents a list of possible solutions and a range of implementation strategies and guidelines to meet the demands of this mode of transportation.

The links below list the studies and reports undertaken by ACRPC to improve the region’s bike/ped infrastructure. For additional information, please visit the VTrans Bicycle & Pedestrian Program website.

Local Bike & Ped Related Agencies

Programs & Initiatives

Bicycle & Pedestrian Studies & Reports

2015-16 Vergennes Downtown-Basin Master Plan







  • Addison County RPC ~ Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan


  • Town of Middlebury: Conceptual Alignment Analysis for the Transportation Path

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