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August 2014

Click here to review the City of Vergennes’s proposal for a scoping study to identify, develop and evaluate their Complete Street concepts for Main Street in Vergennes for the FY-2015 TAC Grant program.

April 2014

The TAC requested a presentation from VTrans on how the project prioritization process works. The following documents were passed out to the TAC by Ken Robie (from VTrans) on 16 April 2014 to help explain the State’s project prioritization.

March 2014

The TAC requested a presentation at a future meeting to discuss the road crew mitigation of Poison Parsnip (Pastinaca Sativa ~ see image Right) along roadways. The April 2011 TAC minutes reflect that VTrans sent someone to speak on the issue of invasive plant species.

The following articles/items discuss some related items of interest on the topic:

The following articles/items discuss the topic of Giant Hogweed (Heracleum Mantegazzianum):

February 2014

  • View the VTrans Capital Program Projects regional prioritization lists below. For this year the Park & Ride project category has been left out of the annual prioritization process. The following links are the lists of prioritized capital projects voted on by the TAC and submitted to VTrans:
    • 2014 Prioritization list submitted to VTrans for FY-2016 :  Download: .PDF / Excel
    • 2013 Prioritization list submitted to VTrans for FY-2015 :  Download: .PDF / Excel

January 2014

  • A pavement “leveling” project is where an asphalt overlay is applied over the existing road surface in an especially rough section as a temporary stop-gap measure to provide the traveling public with an adequate surface until funding is secured for more comprehensive maintenance. Leveling typically does not address shoulder work on an existing road. Leveling funds are 100% state (non-federally) controlled. Projects are selected based on the criteria listed in the adjacent table.

    For the State fiscal year 2015, the Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) will be asked to prioritize roadways for leveling projects on the VTrans Pavement Management Program List (you may also view a Map of projects). RPC’s have the option to add more (potential) projects. All suggested projects should be at least 1 mile in length. Class 1 Town Highways are not part of the leveling program

    Each region should assign a “High”, “Medium” or “Low” priority to each candidate project within the region, including any additional projects added to the list. Generally, one-third of the projects in the region should fall into each prioritization category (listed above).

    The deadline to submit the region’s priorities is set for 24 Jan 2014. This list will be addressed/prioritized by the TAC at their next meeting on 15 Jan 2014. For further information on the VTrans Leveling Program, please visit our Pavement Information webpage.
VTrans Pavement Leveling Project Criteria

  • Date the road was last paved
  • Timeline of the VTrans Pavement Management Program schedule
  • Number of public comments in the last 2 years
  • Traffic volume
  • Level of maintenance the District has put into the roadway / project history in the area
  • Work required by the district prior to leveling
  • If the project connects to a current or previous year(s) project
  • If the project is a “Regional Priority”

>> Click image for 2014 project details

November 2013

  • View the proposed agenda to be covered by the Transportation Board at the Wednesday 20 Nov 2013 TAC Meeting, scheduled to be held at 6:00pm (instead of the regularly scheduled 7:00pm time).

  • The state Transporation Board’s 2012 annual report provides some the background on the T-Board and it’s role (Click on the image to the right to view/download the report).

  • View the powerpoint presentation from the Transporation Board’s Fall 2013 public hearing.

September – October 2013

A view of a conversion of a Rotary into a Roundabout in Kingston, NY, off of I-87.

August 2013

July 2013

June 2013

  • View the proposals for the FY-2014 TAC Grants:  Request For Proposals (RFPs) / Study Proposals

  • View the letter from VTrans Deputy Sec’y Sue Minter to our legislative representatives regarding an upcoming “leveling” project (surface paving) for VT Route 125, covering a 4.5 mile stretch from Addison to Bridport. A leveling project lays down a temporary asphalt layer, which may last about 2 years or more. Hopefully the next paving project would kick in before that asphalt deteriorates. I do not yet have the statewide district leveling plan, which Sue mentions in her letter, but will try to track it down.

    View Larger Map
  • The project status of the deteriorating stretch of US Route 7 in Charlotte (from the Ferrisburgh Townline – near Yandow’s to just south of East Thompson’s Point Rd.), which was discussed at the last meeting. According to CCRPC’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), this project is to be implemented as a full roadway reconstruction, which is estimated to occur sometime in summer 2016. There is a ROW issue currently holding up the project. However, the length of the project will extend from the Ferrisburgh town line northbound for 2.9 miles. Please see Section 2, Page 5 of 29 of the TIP.

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May 2013

Apr 2013

Feb 2013

View the following reports, discussed at the February 2013 TAC meeting:

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