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Grant Programs

ACRPC publicizes grant opportunities and assists its member municipalities in researching and applying for grant funds. If your community or organization is interested in grant funding for a project and would like assistance, please contact 802.388.3141.

Local Government Expense Reimbursement (LGER) Grant

Act 137 of 2020 appropriated $13 million from the State of Vermont’s Coronavirus Relief Fund dollars to fund the Local Government Expense Reimbursement grant program for expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency incurred between March 1, 2020 – December 30, 2020. Application deadline is extended to October 15, 2020.

Contact ACRPC’s Andrew L’Roe (alroe “at” for assistance or more information

LGER program link:

ACRPC Applicant Information Presentation (8/20/2020)- Slides (pdf)

ACRPC Applicant Information Presentation (8/20/2020)– Zoom recording

Required (if requesting >$3,300) FEMA Public Assistance application and information:



Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development

ACCD Funding Directory:

Department of Housing and Community Affairs | 802-828-3211

Downtown Transportation Fund grants
$ Amount: up to $100,000/year

% Match: 50%
Date due: March

The Downtown Transportation Fund supports revitalization efforts in designated downtowns each year to help municipalities make a variety of transportation-related capital improvements (within or serving the downtown district and supporting economic development).

Municipal Planning Grants
$ Amount: $500 to $15,000
% Match: n/a
Date due: end of October

Funds technical assistance for municipal planning/zoning activities, encouragement of citizen participation/education and demonstration planning projects. To be eligible municipalities must have a current, regionally-approved plan.

VT Community Development Program Planning Grants
$ Amount: $3,000 to $40,000
% Match: 10% to 50%
Date due: various

Funds community development planning activities and conducting pre-development activities in preparation for implementing a project in one or more of the program areas; housing, economic development, public facilities or public services.

VT Community Development Program Implementation Grants
$ Amount: $50,000 to $750,000
% Match: 10% and up
Date due: various

Funds for projects in economic development, housing, public facilities and public services in support of community development or housing that will have direct benefit for persons of low and moderate income or address an urgent need.

VT Community Development Program Accessibility Modification Grants
$ Amount: $5,000 to $100,000
% Match: 1:1
Date due: various

Funds to make municipal buildings and libraries handicapped accessible.

VT Community Development Program Home Access Grants
$ Amount: $5,000 to $100,000
% Match: n/a
Date due: various

Funds for projects to make privately-owned buildings more accessible for people with disabilities.

Division for Historic Preservation | 802-828-3211

Certified Local Government Program Grants
$ Amount: $500 to $25,000
% Match:
Date due: early March

Grants to municipalities that are Certified Local Governments through the VT Division for Historic Preservation for resource identification/planning, National Register nominations, downtown planning, public education, archaeological and building feasibility studies.

Cultural Facilities Grants
$ Amount: $750 to $4,000
% Match:
Date due: fall

Operated in partnership with the VT Historical Society and the VT Museum and Gallery Alliance. Grants to improve facilities used by the public for cultural events and activities.

VT Barn Preservation Grants
$ Amount: $1,000 to $7,500
% Match: 50/50
Date due: January

Grants for the repair and restoration of historic agricultural buildings that are listed on or eligible for listing in the National Register.

Historic Preservation Grants
$ Amount: $1,000 to $10,000
% Match: 50/50
Date due: late fall

Grants to repair public historic buildings that meet the criteria for listing on the National Register. Grants available to nonprofit groups and municipalities.

VT Downtown Program
$ Amount: up to $75,000
% Match:
Date due:

Provides benefits for public improvements and rehabilitation of buildings in designated “downtown development districts.”

VT Housing and Conservation Trust Fund
$ Amount: up to $125,000
% Match:
Date due:

Grants for the conservation of agricultural, public use and recreational land and historic resources.

Vermont Agency of Transportation

The Vermont Agency of Transportation along with Vermont Local Roads has produced a guide for municipalities to grant funding available through the state for transportation projects.

Show Me the Money (current as of Feb. 2017)

Better Roads Program 

Purpose: Provide funds for planning and erosion control projects that improve water quality and reduce maintenance costs. Eligible activities include:

  • Category A: planning and road inventory
    • Amount available: $8,000
    • Match: 20%
  • Category B: construction projects that correct an erosion problem and/or installation of stormwater infrastructure to improve water quality
    • Amount available: $20,000
    • Match: 20%
  • Category C: construction projects that correct a streambank, lake shore, or other slope related erosion problem on town roads
    • Amount available: $40,000
    • Match: 20%
  • Category D: structure and/or culvert upgrades with a minimum culvert diameter fo 36”
    • Amount available: $60,000
    • Match: 20%

Bicycle & Pedestrian Program

Purpose: Provide safe and convenient facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists for local trips. Eligible activities include:

  • Scoping studies (useful for preparing subsequent design and construction applications)
    • Match: 50% cash
  • Design/Construction – moves a project from concept to design, permitting and ROW issues, to construction. Pay back provision if projects aren’t completed.
    • Match: 20% cash
  • Small Scale Projects – simple but critical improvements to increase access or safety. Projects must be small, stand-alone improvements. Awards for construction only. Examples include crosswalk enhancements, bike lane markings, edge line markings, ADA compliance issues, and small gaps in sidewalk networks.
    • Match 50% cash

Total $ Amount Available: $300,000

Date due: mid-July

Town Highway Bridge Program Grants

Purpose: funds major rehabilitation projects to extend the life of bridges >6’ on Class 1,2, or 3 town highways.

Amount Available: no cap. Mix of federal and state funds.

Match: minimum 10%

Dates: based on need

Vermont Recreational Trails Program (RTP) 

Purpose: Provides funding for development and maintenance of recreational trail projects. Both motorized and non-motorized trail projects may qualify

Amount: $50,000 maximum grant (reimbursement based)

Match: 20%

Date due: pre-applications due in the autumn

Better Connections Grants 

Purpose: Align state and local investments to increase transportation options, build resilience, and strengthen economic vitality in Vermont’s community centers. Funds master planning projects.

Amount available: $200,000 total (typically 2-3 awards per year)

Match: 10% cash

Dates: Announcement usually November. Grants due annually usually in January. 

VTrans Park & Ride Program

Purpose: Provide safe and convenient parking facilities to encourage consolidation of travelers and the reduction of single occupancy vehicles

Amount Available: No maximum, but typically about $80,000/project

Match: none

Dates: Applications typically due annually around August

Transportation Alternatives Grant Program 

Purpose: community-based, non-traditional transportation projects which expand travel choice, strengthen the local economy, improve the quality of life and protect the environment. Eligible activities include:

  • Trail construction, planning, and design (includes sidewalks, traffic calming measures and more)
  • Infrastructure construction, planning, and design for non-drivers
  • Conversion of abandoned railroad corridors
  • Construction of turnouts, overlooks, and viewing areas
  • Community improvement including:
    • Historic preservation of transportation facilities
    • Vegetation management in right of ways
    • Archeological activities
  • Environmental mitigation to:
    • Address stormwater
    • Reduce vehicle induced wildlife mortality
    • Construct salt sheds

Amount available: $300,000

Match: 20%

Date due: Annually around September

Vermont League of Cities & Towns

Property & Casualty Intermunicipal Fund (PACIF)

The VLCT PACIF Intermunicipal Fund.

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

Department of Environmental Conservation | 802-828-3800

VT Watershed Grants
$ Amount: $1,000 to $5,000
% Match:
Date due: October
Funds projects to protect/restore habitat, water quality and shorelines; to enhance recreational use; identify/protect historic and cultural resources; educate people about watershed resources; or monitor fish and wildlife populations and water quality.
VT Watershed Mini-Grants
$ Amount: $200 to $1,000
% Match: n/a
Date due: October

Mini-grants are intended for small projects, or for discreet, identifiable portions of larger projects.

Aquatic Nuisance Species Grant-in-Aid Program
$ Amount: up to 75% of project costs
% Match: 25% or more
Date due: ongoing

Grants to municipalities for aquatic nuisance control programs.

Section 319
$ Amount: up to $50,000
% Match: match recommended
Date due: March

Funds for restoration or implementation activities in watersheds that are impaired by nonpoint source pollution.

Farm and Residential Underground Heating Oil Tank Removal Grant
$ Amount: up to $1,000
% Match: remainder of project cost
Date due: ongoing

Grants for the removal, replacement or upgrade of underground heating oil tanks

Municipal Solid Waste Grant
$ Amount: by formula based on population
% Match: remainder of project cost
Date due: November

Eligible activities include: development of a local solid waste implementation plan; implementation of waste prevention, reuse, recycling, composting and household hazardous waste collection programs.

Department of Forest, Parks, and Recreation | 802-828-3670

Vermont Forest Legacy Program
$ Amount:
% Match:
Date due: December

Funds to conserve of environmentally important forest areas that are threatened with conversion to no-forest uses. Typically, funding is used to acquire conservation easements on forestland properties.

Trees for Local Communities Community Planning/Education Grants
$ Amount: $500 to $4,000
% Match: 50/50
Date due: February

Funds to develop or maintain local community forestry programs. Including tree inventories and streetscape/landscape plans; training and education programs.

Trees for Local Communities Tree Planting Grants
$ Amount: $200 to $4,000
% Match: 50/50
Date due: February

Funds to purchase and plant trees.

Trees for Local Communities Tree Maintenance Grants
$ Amount: $500 to $4,000
% Match: 50/50
Date due: February

Funds for the maintenance of public trees.

Trees for Local Communities Mini-Grants
$ Amount: $25 to $200
% Match:
Date due: February

“Seed” money for municipalities or local volunteers to undertake urban forestry activities.

Trails Grant Program
$ Amount:
% Match: 20%
Date due: February

Funds for trail construction, maintenance, trail-side restoration, development of trail-side facilities, handicapped accessibility; development of trail plans, maps, educational materials; purchase of hand tools for trail work.

Trails Mini-Grant Program
$ Amount: up to $500
% Match:
Date due: February

Funds for improvements on existing trails and development of small-scale trail-side facilities.

Land and Water Conservation Funds
$ Amount:
% Match: 50/50
Date due: March

Eligible activities include: park development (playground equipment, lighting, picnic facilities, etc.) and land acquisition to serve conservation and future recreation development purposes.

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