Regional Planning

ACRPC uses the framework of the Regional Plan to guide and coordinate change and development in the region in accordance with present and future needs and resources. In its planning efforts, ACRPC strives to:

  • Promote economic development, increasing jobs and income
  • Preserve the natural beauty of Vermont
  • Obtain and maintain efficiency in government expenditure
  • Safeguard and extend local autonomy in planning and development decision


Addison County Regional Plan –  2018 Amendment of the Regional Transportation Plan

2016 Addison County Regional Plan Amendments and Re-Adoption of the Regional Plan

Over the past year, the ACRPC Plan Re-Write Committee, with help of other committees, has been working on four Sections of the Regional Plan and in December, 2015 the Commission voted to hold public hearings on the Sections for adoption as required. The Sections include:

ACRPC is responsible for producing and approving a regional plan every five years. ACRPC adopted its current plan on December 14, 2011 after updating the Natural Resources Section of the Plan. ACRPC has been working to update the plan for the past year. It chose to update the Sections noted above for two reasons. First, since ACRPC has had a policy of updating and reapproving its plan incrementally, it wanted to address some of the elements of its plan that had not been updated recently and to make sure all tied together consistently. In many cases ACRPC was not looking to make major policy changes, but to update and reconcile its existing plan. Second, in 2013, the Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies, “VAPDA”, of which ACRPC is a member, had hired a consultant to review all regional plans and make recommendations for improvements. ACRPC agreed to update certain elements of its plan in response to that consultant’s report. Many of the changes to Sections 2, 2a and 8 respond to the consultant’s report.

A memorandum describing the proposed amendments to the Regional Plan is provided by Adam Lougee, Executive Director.

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