Housing and Demographics

In order to plan for the appropriate allocation of resources, infrastructure, education and services it is necessary to consider the demographic make-up of a community, its settlement patterns and rates of growth. Understanding the region's population and housing profile provides a foundation from which all other elements of this Regional Plan take shape. Age distribution, household size, housing stock and income are all factors that determine a region’s housing needs and informs future planning. When population characteristics and housing trends are understood, public investments and policies can be thoughtfully and appropriately allocated to our communities.

Adequate housing is a key element of sustainable and vibrant communities. The Region’s housing stock needs to support the people who live and work in their community and have the potential to expand and accommodate future population increases and economic growth. Available housing in our villages and towns need to be safe, affordable, energy efficient, and accessible for all sectors of the population.

The Addison County Regional Planning Commission works with member towns and regionally to develop regulatory and non-regulatory solutions, supporting concepts such as, compact and walkable centers, clustered development, a variety of housing types, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), shared infrastructure and transit-accessible communities, in order to address our current housing issues.

Housing Committee

The Housing Committee sets priorities for regional housing policies, projects and issues.

Committee Members


  • Tim Davis, Chair
  • Tim Bouton
  • Tim Cook
  • Nick Causton
  • Barbara Greenewalt


Meetings are scheduled for the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6pm. Meeting minutes & agendas are posted at this link.


Staff Contact

Katie Raycroft-Meyer

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