Working with the State of Vermont’s Transportation Planning Initiative (TPI), the Addison County Regional Planning Commission undertakes transportation planning that encompasses all modes of transportation and incorporates citizen participation.

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The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is the main vehicle for local input into transportation planning at the state and federal level. This committee is composed of one locally appointed member from each town in the county. It is responsible for maintaining, updating, and driving the implementation of the Regional Transportation Plan. The TAC is also responsible for identifying and prioritizing transportation projects in the region and providing local input and direction to VTrans, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the state and federal delegations regarding the transportation needs of the Addison county community as seen from the local perspective. In addition, every year the TAC sponsors several transportation feasibility studies directly for the towns. Two such examples are intersection studies and sidewalk feasibility studies.

Addison County Regional Transportation Plan

The Addison County Regional Planning Commission, with assistance from DuBois & King, Inc. updated the Addison County Regional Transportation Plan. in 2018.

Transportation Advisory Committee

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is composed of delegates from the region’s 21 municipalities. Each municipality may have a delegate and an alternate. Alternates represent the municipality when the delegates cannot. The TAC was formed to provide local input to the VT Agency of Transportation, to identify needs and to develop transportation improvement programs. You can review the TAC Bylaws here and the TAC Agendas & Minutes here.

TAC Delegate Duties

Each April, the Addison County Regional Planning Commission (ACRPC) asks all municipalities in the region to appoint representatives to the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Regional Planning Commission for a one-year term. Each municipality has one delegate and one alternate to the TAC.

The Transportation Advisory Committee was formed to provide local input and involvement in the transportation planning process. The TAC is responsible for updating the Regional Transportation Plan, recommending transportation-related planning studies and projects in the region, and commenting on transportation policy. The TAC also is responsible for establishing local priority for capital program projects that are in the project development process. The TAC works with regional planning commission staff, VTrans, and other agencies and officials to provide local input into the statewide transportation planning and project development process.

The TAC needs representation from each municipality in order to work effectively with the Vermont Agency of Transportation and others. Each year the TAC solicits input on local and regional transportation or traffic-related issues and problems.

Committee Members


  • Addison – Jeff Nelson
  • Bridport – Andrew Manning
  • Bristol – Peter Grant
  • Cornwall – Brian Kemp
  • Ferrisburgh – Steve Huffaker
  • Goshen – David Sabatini
  • Leicester – Diane Benware
  • Lincoln – Amanda Allen
  • Middlebury – Hugh McLaughlin
  • Monkton – Debra Sprague
  • New Haven –  Mike Audy
  • Orwell – Andrea Treadway, Vice Chair
  • Panton – Howard Hall
  • Ripton – Norm Tjossem
  • Salisbury – Tom Scanlon
  • Shoreham – Vacant
  • Starksboro – Vacant
  • Vergennes – Brent Rakowski, Chair
  • Waltham – Brent Newton
  • Weybridge – Vacant
  • Whiting – Robert Wood
  • VTrans (non-voting) – Vacant


  • Addison – Christine Dubois
  • Bridport – Ed Payne
  • Bristol –
  • Cornwall –
  • Ferrisburgh – Arabella Holzapfel
  • Goshen –
  • Leicester –
  • Lincoln – Bill Finger
  • Middlebury – Kathleen Ramsay
  • Monkton – Steve Pilcher
  • New Haven – John Roeau
  • Orwell – Rex Corey
  • Panton
  • Ripton – Jonathan Heppell
  • Salisbury –
  • Shoreham –
  • Starksboro
  • Vergennes – Shannon Haggett
  • Waltham
  • Weybridge
  • Whiting – Paul Quesnel


The TAC meets eight to ten times a year (please review the latest Agenda here to view remaining scheduled meeting dates) on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM. Meetings are typically held at the ACRPC Offices on 14 Seminary St. in Middlebury, VT.


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For transportation studies affecting a single town, please refer to the town’s page on this website. For up-to-date Public Transit information visit this page.

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For more information contact the ACRPC Transportation Planner Mike Winslow

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