The town of Goshen was granted by New Hampshire on 23 February 1782, then chartered on 2 February 1792. A new charter with additional territory was granted on 1 November 1798. The current delineation of the town was complex evolution, lastly established on 10 November 1847. Goshen lies on the southeastern boundary of Addison County. Goshen is the smallest town in Addison County and is one of the towns with the least population in Vermont; currently 227. In the early days of this town, Goshen was a thriving farming community, today however, as with most rural communities, most people find employment outside the town limits.


Municipal Information

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Facts & Figures

For Goshen demographics and other facts & figures, including population, housing, income and energy, please click here. For more information on the history of Goshen, please click here.



Community Contact

Rosemary McKinnon


50 Carlisle Hill Rd.
Goshen, VT 05733

P: 802-247-6455

Tuesday: 9 am to 1 pm and by appointment

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