American Rescue Plan Act Funding

Vermont will receive more than $1.25 billion of Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funding from ARPA. While the legislature and the governor will determine how more than $1 billion of that funding will be spent, Congress directed nearly $200 million of that funding directly to Vermont’s cities, towns, and villages. City councils and selectboards will have discretion over how to spend their allocations

Guidance for Municipal and County Funds

For Guidance on Municipal Fund Spending, see this short presentation and our webpage with more details here:


Guidance for State Funds

The Vermont Legislature appropriated ARPA funds to a number of Vermont agencies and entities.

The planned uses of these funds are outlined in this table and the document here:

State Fiscal Recovery (SFR) Fund Appropriation Funding Release Process Map and Guidance (p3-9)

and specific programs that may be of interest to municipalities and community groups are listed below:

VEM- Flood Resilient Communities Fund

Applications due: Oct 29, 2021 or Jan 31, 2022

The Flood Resilient Communities Fund intends to provide matching grants to government entities, non-profit entities, and individuals to mitigate flood hazards by addressing water and sewer infrastructure needs in accordance with the CWSRF and DWSRF. The Flood Resilient Communities Fund’s goal is improving landscape and community resilience and reducing the future public safety and water quality impacts of climate-related flood hazards in Vermont, focusing on buyouts of flood-vulnerable properties. The program will prioritize projects in communities and/or for homeowners with greatest economic need and projects that mitigate repetitive loss among low-income and marginalized portions of the population. Where feasible, funding under FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant programs will be utilized first. This funding will predominately be for projects that are not eligible under existing HMA programs and should be used to leverage other funding sources or fill funding gaps to make projects viable.

ANR- Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Programs

Between July 2021 and June 2022, the Agency of Natural Resources will distribute $100 million of ARPA funds to support water and wastewater infrastructure programs. The Agency of Natural Resources is currently developing the appropriate funding criteria and will finalize the criteria in the coming months. Once the criteria have been established, there will be guidance provided and specific individuals to contact with questions.

  1. Treating stormwater runoff from larger sites
  2. Reducing sewer overflows
  3. Improving water and sewer infrastructure in mobile home parks
  4. Providing financial assistance to low-income homeowners with failed septic systems and/or wells
  5. Developing community sewer systems in some of the villages that lack such systems
  6. Designing and installing pretreatment processes to address high strength or toxic wastewater commonly seen in craft brewing, dairy and meat processing and other small industries.

If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call Elle O’Casey at 802-760-9967.

VHCB- Investments in Housing

VHCB expects to award these funds over the next two fiscal years to accelerate the production and rehabilitation of housing by non-profit and private housing developers, to conserve farmland, natural areas, forestland, and recreational lands, for VHCB’s Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program to assist working lands enterprises, and to assist communities with grant writing services through the Rural Economic Development Initiative.

VHCB invites applications for the new housing funding according to the following schedule for upcoming information sessions, application deadlines and board meeting dates over the next several months.

Beginning in June 2021, VHCB committed supplemental state funding as well as ARPA-SFR funds, primarily to assist Vermonters experiencing homelessness. These awards are the result of a call for applications issued earlier this spring in anticipation of state fast-track funding and the need for hundreds of new homes for these households.

Application Due Dates:
July 23, 2021
 for consideration at a board meeting September 29, 2021
November 10, 2021 for consideration at a board meeting on January 26, 2022 and
February 25, 2022 for consideration at a board meeting on May 13, 2022

  • Non-profit and Private Housing Developers, municipalities, and cooperative housing organizations are invited to apply for the federal ARPA-SFR funding as well as federal HOME Program and National Housing Trust funding administered by VHCB.
  • Non-profits, municipalities, and cooperative housing organizations are eligible to apply for state VHCB funding, both supplemental and base.

ACCD- Capital Investment Grants

The Vermont Capital Investment Program is funded by Federal State Fiscal Recovery funds and is subject to both state and federal eligibility, financial and performance requirements to include a demonstration of only one out of these three categories:

  • COVID impact,
  • Participate in the hospitality sector, OR
  • Location in a qualified census tract [None in Addison County]AWARD AMOUNT & ELIGIBLE USES:
    • An award shall not exceed the lesser of $1,500,000.00 or the calculation of the net fiscal, economic, and social impact of the proposed project to the State as determined by the net fiscal impact model approved by the Joint Fiscal Committee.
    • A recipient may use grant funds for the acquisition of property and equipment, construction, renovation, and related capital expenses.
    • A recipient may pair funds from this program with other grant funding sources for overall project costs but shall not use grant funds from multiple sources for the same costs within the same project.
    • The award will be subject to the execution of a grant agreement. The Agency shall release grant funds upon determining that the applicant has met all Program conditions and requirements.


    To be eligible for a grant, an applicant shall meet the following criteria:

    • The project is located within the State of Vermont.
    • Applicant is a for-profit entity with not less than a 10 percent equity interest in the project; or
    • Applicant is a nonprofit entity.
    • Applicant is in good standing with the State and Federal Governments.

    For further eligibility and non-eligible requirements, please visit the Notice of Funding Opportunity Guidelines.

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