2020 Water Quality Improvement Program

Posted on December 11th, 2020 to Announcements

December 11, 2020

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Re: Water Quality Improvement Program

The Addison County Regional Planning Commission (“ACRPC”) is pleased to announce that the Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation, Water Quality Division has recently awarded a contract to the Rutland Regional Planning Commission (“RRPC”) in Rutland, VT to administer water quality improvement programs to Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) throughout the State of Vermont.  The grant is funded through the 604B program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and is intended to fund local and regional entities to pursue water quality planning and improvements.

In Addison County, ACRPC shall use its portion of the funds to support the water quality monitoring and outreach work of the Addison County River Watch Collaborative (“ACRWC”).  ACRWC consists of a dedicated group of volunteers that samples and monitors the “health” of rivers within Addison County.  ACRWC collects water samples at designated locations and times. ACRWC sends the samples to the state laboratory under the LaRosa Partnership where the lab measures the samples for phosphorus, which contributes to algal growth in lakes. ACRWC also intends to analyze the samples for E. coli, to assess whether the water is safe for swimmers. ACRWC publishes its results for municipal officials, citizens and scientists to use. ACRPC will actively provide technical assistance in mapping and presenting the data collected. It will create outreach materials, analytical reports and maps for presentation to municipal officials to help them understand what the data means for water quality within their town. ACRPC will assist the ACRWC Managing Director with actively promoting and maintaining the ACRWC website (www.acrpc.org/acrwc).

For further information, please call or e-mail Mike Winslow at (802) 388-3141 or [email protected]

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