Local Hazard Mitigation Plans

LHMPs form the foundation for a community's long-term strategy to reduce disaster losses and break the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage.

Local Hazard Mitigation Plans in Progress Draft LHMPs are posted here for public and stakeholder feedback:

Drafts for Review:

Currently in Progress:

  • Town of Starksboro (2024)
  • Town of Monkton (2024)
  • Town of Salisbury (2024)
  • Town of Ferrisburgh
  • Town of Bristol
  • Town of Cornwall
  • Town of Bridport



Municipal LHMP status

See the status of FEMA-approved LHMPs by viewing the Vermont Hazard Mitigation Plan Status map last updated 2/1/2023.

The Expanded Community Report on Vermont’s Flood Ready website also shows your community’s LHMP status. Having an approved and current LHMP is often the final step for gaining a 12.5% state ERAF reimbursement rate (in addition to 75% of cost reimbursement from FEMA).



Funding and Implementing Your Municipality's LHMP

Here’s how the LHMP creation or update process generally works:

  • The state annually applies for funding from the FEMA BRIC program and reaches out to Municipality with soon-to-expire LHMP’s
  • If the Municipality accepts the funding (it requires a 25% match of cash or time), they put together a Request For Proposals (RFP)
  • RFPs are posted on the State Bid Registry and ACRPC often re-posts them on our RFP webpage
  • Consultants put together and submit a proposal that generally include a schedule of steps and a budget
  • Once selection is made, Municipality puts together a draft contract for the selected consultant to sign
  • Consultant facilitates the creation or update of the LHMP and submits it to the state and FEMA for approval.

All LHMPs must meet the planning elements listed in the Local Mitigation Plan Review Tool in order to receive FEMA approval.

More information about Resources, Process, and Funding for Local Hazard Mitigation Plans can be found on the Vermont Emergency Management website, here: https://vem.vermont.gov/plans/LHMP

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